Fitness is the second stage of the transformation process. My favourite book says

‘ …I wish above all things that you be in good health, and all may go well with you’.

Staying fit through physical activities enhance a successful and lasting way of monitoring your weight and building strength. It also helps to get you closer to your goal of losing weight, building lean muscles and maintaining strength and energy.

However, this is not the only benefit gained from exercise. When incorporated into your daily routine, exercise reduces stress, prevents disease and simply makes you feel better. To engage in a physical exercise does not always require a gym membership or expensive home workout equipment.  Some of the day to day activities you engage in that requires you to exert some form of energy also count as physical activity.

Depending on your fitness level, Bump n Chic will work with you and recommend a workout programme that will suit your needs whether pregnant or trying to get your pre- pregnancy body back. Our tailored programme contains a mixture of cardio, high intensity workouts, core strength and weight training to suit individual needs. We will work with you to incorporate physical exercise into your daily schedule at a comfortable pace but with RESULTS.

Please be advised that we require a medical sign off from your doctor to ensure that this programme is safe and suitable for you.

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