Our clients, in their own words...

Oge was professional and on time.  I learnt a lot about my body size and proportion and this led to a better understanding of why some things look great on me whilst others (although beautiful) receive a lukewarm response

Oge succeeded in educating me on my future purchases. I’m no longer tempted to buy clothing just because they are of good value; I’m on the look out for pieces that compliment my body shape. After this experience my aim is to buy things as a set with a bigger picture in mind. I have always paid attention to my professional image and this has even made things better. For example the suggestion of an A Line skirt; I have never thought about it for some reason.

Oge followed up my appointment by preparing a Personal Style File, which was very carefully prepared and handed to me in a timely manner. The experience of working with Oge as my stylist was absolutely fabulous and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a stylist’,

- Grace / Full-time professional & mother of two