Pregnancy Talk – The Power of Positive Confession

It’s the season …

She’s pregnant, I am pregnant … Oh gosh what have I got myself into? How did this happen? Ahhhh am so excited, I am pregnant… Women express the way the feel when they find out they are pregnant in so many different ways. Emotions run so high and can go either way. Varying expressions, varying feelings and also varying pregnancy journeys.

Some have it easy, some have it difficult, and for some it’s a roller coaster while for others it’s a breeze.

After I got married, I got pregnant very quickly, I think on my wedding night to be precise. However I didn’t know I was pregnant. I was told by friends and family that I glowed. Well to me I was just newly married so I had every reason to glow. I never really experienced any changes in my body except that I glowed and looked prettier, if I must say so myself. I was never one to monitor my menstrual cycle so didn’t know what to expect or look out for as relates to pregnancy. My elder sister is a doctor and growing up she always kept a tap on my cycle. Yea funny I know right, well after I got married, she started her countdown. My menstrual cycle was delayed but I really wasn’t bothered about it.

To cut the story short, I took the test after she brought the stick to my house and voila… I was pregnant. My pregnancy with my first was a breeze and very quickly 3 months after I had my first child, I got pregnant with the second. It was a breeze and a walk over again…

Who know what’s going to happen next?

Some women do get symptoms very early on and some don’t. For some it can be a daunting experience even though it can be an overwhelmingly joyful time, looking forward to welcoming your bundle of joy into the world.

Whatever feeling it is you go through, it helps for one to stay positive. The power of positive confessions really helped me. Having the right support whether family or friends is very needful. Speak out loud about how you desire to feel. The power in the words we speak goes a long way to keep us on top of our game.

Yes your body is changing, your waistline is expanding, you feel tired and nauseous, hormones are running wild, try and stay positive and in control , this will get you through your pregnancy journey.

In all of this be thankful for the privilege of bringing a life into the world.

Enjoy it, you are worth it.