The last phase of your transformation is our styling process. Here you will find list of services we offer to suit your specific situation.

Nutrition is vital to ensuring that you stay healthy and keep the pounds off. It is important that you eat what is right, in the right proportion with the right nutrient contents to fuel your body and increase metabolism. This is the first stage of the Bump n Chic transformation process. Women often juggle many tasks at once and this sometimes results in paying more attention to some tasks more than others.

The need to strike a balance in some cases becomes a problem. We are here to provide guidance on how to make the right food choices and healthy substitutions to gradually start to shed off unnecessary weight . What you eat affects your unborn baby as much as it affects your children and also your body.I have had a lot of women ask me, ‘How does one eat healthy when they are so busy and don’t have enough time in the day to prepare healthy meals?' whilst others believe that eating healthy is very expensive, so they quit along the way.

While eating healthy requires planning and discipline, it’s also easier than you think. When you invest time in planning your meals and healthysnacks, it pays off by keeping you focused and full of energy to complete yourday’s tasks. On the other hand not planning ahead could put you in the dangerof going off your eating plan entirely and binging on unhealthy alternatives.

Being healthy is a lifestyle change and not just about losing numbers.Bump n Chic will work with you to create healthy meals and offersubstitutes snacks for a rounded and balanced eating plan – from detox toenergy boosting meals to advice on how to maintain your eating plan oncompletion of the program. Most importantly, we will offer time and cost-savingmeals for you and your family. You will find out that eating better is neithera chore, nor does it have to cost a lot of money.



Duration: 3 hours

  • A 90 minutes Personal Style consultation to help the client know her body shape and make the most of her personality.
  • To identify styles, shapes and lengths of garments that will accentuate the client’s body type to help her look her best.
  • To help client boost her confidence through the image she portrays by avoiding shopping disasters and buying only clothes that flatter and fit her body shape.


Duration: 3 hours

  • Discover which colours of clothing and makeup match your skin complexion, eye colour and your hair colour as well as styles that flatter you and make you look fabulous. We will work with you to identify clothing and accessories to help you make the best of your feminine assets.


Charged per hour

  • After a colour and style consultation, you will gain an understanding of why you have so much yet can’t find anything appropriate to wear. A successful wardrobe is one with the right clothes and organised in the right way. We will work with you to identify appropriate clothes to suit your particular lifestyle and show you how to declutter and streamline your wardrobe in a coordinating and cost-effective way.


  • We offer bespoke services for special occasions and services to help disguise your problem areas tailored to fit your specific need.

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