Here you will find list of services we offer to suit your specific situation.

Style and Body shape Consultation

  • Duration – 3hours
    • A 90 minutes Personal Style consultation to help the client know her body shape and make the most of her personality.
    • To identify styles, shapes and lengths of garments that will accentuate the client’s body type to help her look her best.
    • To help client boost her confidence through the image she portrays by avoiding shopping disasters and buying only clothes that flatter and fit her body shape.

Style and Chic - Colour and Style Analysis

  • Duration – 3 hours
    • Discover which colours of clothing and makeup match your skin complexion, eye colour and your hair colour as well as styles that flatter you and make you look fabulous. We will work with you to identify clothing and accessories to help you make the best of your feminine assets.

Wardrobe Editing and Management (charged per hour)

  • After a colour and style consultation, you will gain an understanding of why you have so much yet can’t find anything appropriate to wear. A successful wardrobe is one with the right clothes and organised in the right way. We will work with you to identify appropriate clothes to suit your particular lifestyle and show you how to declutter and streamline your wardrobe in a coordinating and cost-effective way.

Specialist Consultation

  • We offer bespoke services for special occasions and services to help disguise your problem areas tailored to fit your specific need.