About Oge

I am married to a wonderful man and we have two gorgeous little girls. An everyday wife and mother like all women who love and cherish their husbands and children dearly.

Funny thing is, in my younger years, exercise and healthy eating were not my forte. I was the fussy eater who did not exercise or saw any reason to. Marriage and my beautiful children quickly changed that.

about-oge-akinolaBefore I got married, I was a size 6/8. However, the weight started to pile on after I got pregnant and had my first baby. This left me rather uncomfortable. It was a challenge, and I was surprised at how little there was in terms of supporting women with transitioning from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy to post-pregnancy without losing themselves in the process.

The rapid changes can be a shock to the system, especially when one is not properly prepared for it; it truly made be appreciate the need to empower women through this beautiful journey. Fatigue, weight gain, increased appetite, stretch marks, low self-image, looking at oneself in the mirror and unable to recognise the person staring back at them can all be a real struggle. Despite all of this and against all odds, I found it in me to get to the desired weight I wanted by changing my nutrition and fitness regime.

  • You can be pregnant and look fab!
  • You can be a mother and look fab!
  • You can multitask and look fab!
  • Your husband can look at you and still be blown away every time he sets his eyes on you!

Bump N Chic was birthed from a desire to empower women and offer a guide to enjoying oneself during pregnancy, post pregnancy and at all times. I have nurtured this vision for a few years and I am glad to say that today it has become a reality.

I am here to encourage and inspire you with what I have learnt and also to challenge you to take a hold of your body to exude CONFIDENCE and POISE in and out.

My name is Oge Akinola, journey with me as I share insights on redefining beauty, wellness, and style.

Welcome to Bump n Chic!

About Bump n Chic


Health and fitness discussions arouse such different emotions for so many people. Some may have experienced struggles and seen themselves as failures in these areas, whilst others may be beaming with success stories. For me, it’s been quite a journey and I am here to encourage and inspire you through mine, to eagerly get women on board in Nutrition, Fitness and Styling. These three areas are the essence of ‘What is Bump n Chic’.

Bump n Chic is primarily to help women during and post pregnancy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to help shed post pregnancy weight and look good through our three process strategy.  

Although not limited to this group, it is to empower all women in the area of healthy nutrition, fitness and styling. With or without a bump you can still be chic – This is Bump n Chic.

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What do we offer?

Bump n Chic aims to work with you to achieve your best body without any physical or medical risk to you or your baby

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