Skinny isn't sexy, healthy is.

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I am Oge…

I am married to a wonderful man and we have two gorgeous little girls. An everyday wife and mum like all women who love and cherish their husbands and children dearly. Funny thing is, in my younger years, exercise and healthy eating were not my forte. I was the fussy eater who did not exercise or saw any reason to. Marriage and my beautiful children quickly changed that.Before I got married, I was a size 6/8. However, the weight started to pile on after I got pregnant and had my first baby. This left me a bit uncomfortable. It was a challenge, and I was surprised at how little there was in terms of supporting women with transitioning from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy to post-pregnancy without losing themselves in the process.

Ways To Work With Me


Nutrition is vital in ensuring that you stay healthy and keep the pounds off.


Fitness is the second stage of the transformation process.


The last phase of your transformation is our styling process.